20 May 2009


A couple of Mollie's littermates have started to play! Yay! We had a little photo sesh today after we they all went outside for the first time ever. We got a kiddie pool for them so they stay clean and we can catch any bugs that may want to invesitgate. Also, Sandy will let the boys be in the room while the pups are nursing, so that's nice. We don't let them up on the bed, but at least they arn't shut out like before.

I got a bit of video of them playing for the first time. Hopefully the other puppies start playing soon, too!

from left to right: Baby the Cat, Jones the potential father, Mommy Sandy, and potential father Indiana

Mollie and uncle Harold
Mollie and uncle Harold. I love how she's all 'Hey, who is this strange man! Save me!'

Mollie and Marilyn
Mollie still sleeps alot. Here she is with littermate Marilyn.


Queen of the sleeping puppy pile!
Mollie is queen of the sleeping puppy pile!

Monroe's awake!

He's a cheeky little puppy, just like Mollie. They both like to stick their tongues out!

Max says bye-bye for now! We're off to take a nap!

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