31 May 2009

Puppy Flier

Kinda sad to be thinking about giving the pups away on their 4th birthday, but I made a flier that will go up at the library and vets near us.


First time in the grass! And happy 4 week birthday!

first time in the grass

More bars in more places!

Getting nine pups to sit in a row and look at the camera is hard work.

first time in the grass

first time in the grass

first time in the grass

first time in the grass

Finally I had to go with photoshop:

Pupps in a row

And in other news, the pups are four weeks old today!

30 May 2009

Second puppy mush feeding

The second puppy mush feeding went so much better. I read somewhere to use a round plate with a lip and an upended bowl in the middle (so they can't walk or lay down in it) and this was sooo much cleaner. Of course there were hungry hungry hippo pups that put their two front feet in it and Marvin tried to hop the bowl, but it was much much much cleaner than the last time. The pups got a good scrubdown with a towel afterwards instead of a bath and that made them much happier!

second feeding

28 May 2009

First Puppy Mush

Monty didn't keep his mush down well... he woke up a few hours afterwards and yakked it all up, poor fella. Mollie did well, she had a full belly! She's been pushed around by the bigger ones in the frenzy of being fed by Sandy and so she hasn't had a chance to eat much because after all the fighting to get in she's exhausted and falls asleep. With the mush, both Mollie and Marvin both got nice rounded tummies! Yay! It was so cute, but such a mess!

We're going to feed them puppy mush about once a day for the next week or so, then gradually increase it to wean them off Sandy. She's not happy with their new teeth.


First feeding


First feeding
It looks gross, but it's just puppy chow and warm water after a spin in the blender.


First feeding


Mollie barks, and her first toys

A couple of firsts today, first puppy mush (post about this tomorrow), first toys and first good barks.

21 May 2009

Mollie's first real steps

Mollie and her littermates and their stupidly excited owner go for a romp in the pool pen!

20 May 2009


A couple of Mollie's littermates have started to play! Yay! We had a little photo sesh today after we they all went outside for the first time ever. We got a kiddie pool for them so they stay clean and we can catch any bugs that may want to invesitgate. Also, Sandy will let the boys be in the room while the pups are nursing, so that's nice. We don't let them up on the bed, but at least they arn't shut out like before.

I got a bit of video of them playing for the first time. Hopefully the other puppies start playing soon, too!

from left to right: Baby the Cat, Jones the potential father, Mommy Sandy, and potential father Indiana

Mollie and uncle Harold
Mollie and uncle Harold. I love how she's all 'Hey, who is this strange man! Save me!'

Mollie and Marilyn
Mollie still sleeps alot. Here she is with littermate Marilyn.


Queen of the sleeping puppy pile!
Mollie is queen of the sleeping puppy pile!

Monroe's awake!

He's a cheeky little puppy, just like Mollie. They both like to stick their tongues out!

Max says bye-bye for now! We're off to take a nap!

18 May 2009


Mollie still spends 90% of her time sleeping. Maybe 1% rooting around in her towel bedding and in my arms, and 9% eating.

17 May 2009

Good Morning!

Mollie got rid of those annoyed old man slitty-type eyes and now has these blue-ish cloudy round ones.







15 May 2009


I picked up Mollie after her midnight feeding for a little cuddle time and guess what I saw?  EYES!  Mollie has opened her eyes!


They're just slits really at the mo, but by tomorrow night they should be wider and we can get a better set of pictures.  She was also trying to go back to sleep and I was bugging the dickens out of her.


sleepy photo sesh!

Mollie and I got together this afternoon for a little photo sesh.  She sleeps with her mouth open and it's so adorable that photos needed to be taken.





I love how she's getting a little black nose! It's speckled and frickin cute!



Look at those eyes! They're unsealing, and I expect her eyes to be open in the next day or so. She won't be able to see anything other than light and dark for a couple of days, followed by movements for a couple of days, and then she'll see shapes, and finally have good doggie eyes. I'll be sure to snap a few of her eyes, once they open!


14 May 2009


Mollie spends 90% of her time asleep, and the other 10% she's eating.  


8 May 2009


Here's a video of Mollie and her littermates getting some Zzz's!


Here's a video of Mollie and her littermates getting some Zzz's!

4 May 2009

Welcome to the World, Mollie!

Mollie was born yesterday (3 May 2009) around 9a!  She was the second born, after her Brother Marvin (the little white guy beside her) followed closely by Max (The brown one that looks like a cow).