15 September 2009

Mollie and the Slide

Several !mportant things happened today.

Mollie and I went over to Cousin Teri's house (it's just down the road, not even 1/4 of a mile) to fly our Buzz Lightyear kite (75% off at CVS, I got it for a quarter, don't judge) and play with the boys.

We had a fun time running through their backyard and chasing this triangle of plastic that had little yellow tails. Mollie had a blast.

Then Teri came out and worked in her garden and Mollie got to chase their kitteh Tucker through the corn and bat at the tops of carrots.

Then we played on the boys' play structure and we did something that was so fantasic that we had to do it again and again and again:

Yes, Mollie went down the slide and she LOVED it. She kept wanting to be picked up and put back on the top to do it again. I wish I had video of it, it was adorable.

Then I got stung by a bee for the very first time ever and the skeeters came out and we went home.


  1. Your dog is soooo lucky!! My Kelsha used to love slides in her day. I've never tried our Tippy on one, but I might just have to now that you've reminded me about it.

    Sounds like a great day till the bees and skitters invaded! Hope you're healing okay!

  2. Very sorry to read that your human got stung by a bee, Mollie. I hope she will take you back to the slide again.